If you have a Chase Bank routing number, then you can access the Chase Bank website. To find your routing number, log into your Chase Bank account online and click on the My Accounts link.

If you are trying to find the routing number for Chase Bank in the state you live in, you can do that by following this tutorial. The next step is to use the routing number to check out the bank’s website and find out more information about it.

Ever wonder what the routing number for Chase Bank in Alabama is? Did you know that you can find out what the routing number for your Chase Bank is by entering your original bank account number on the Chase website, and enter your street address? From there, you will get a list of all the Chase Banks in the U.S. along with their respective routing numbers.

Chase Bank, also known as JPMorgan Chase & Co, routing number depends on where you opened the account. It also depends on the type of transfer (ACH or wire transfer) you do. This message should help you find the right number, but you may need to consult the bank’s official website for more information.   word-image-15738 word-image-15739

Routing numbers (by state)

Your routing number depends on the state where you opened your bank account.

Status Route number
Alabama 065400137
Arizona 122100024
Arkansas 044000037
California 322271627
Colorado 102001017
Connecticut 021100361
Delaware 083000137
Florida 267084131
Georgia 061092387
Idaho 325070760
Illinois 071000013
Indiana 074000010
Iowa 075000019
Kansas 103000648
Kentucky 083000137
Louisiana 065400137
Maine 083000137
Maryland 044000037
Massachusetts 021000021
Michigan 072000326
Minnesota 075000019
Mississippi 044000037
Missouri 103000648
Montana 044000037
Nebraska 103000648
Nevada 322271627
New Hampshire 083000137
New Jersey 021202337
New Mexico 044000037
New York – Inner City 021000021
New York – Upstate 022300173
North Carolina 072000326
North Dakota 044000037
Ohio 044000037
Oklahoma 103000648
Oregon 325070760
Pennsylvania 083000137
Rhode Island 083000137
South Carolina 072000326
South Dakota 044000037
Tennessee 065400137
Texas 111000614
Utah 124001545
Vermont 083000137
Virginia 044000037
Washington 325070760
Washington, D.C. 044000037
West Virginia 051900366
Wisconsin 075000019
Wyoming 044000037

Route number for transfers

Bank transfers are a fast way to transfer money. In some cases, the money can be available within minutes. Banks like Chase have a separate routing number for these transactions to process them faster. Chase processes transfers on the same day they are received, except after hours. Closing time is 4 p.m. ET for Personal Banking customers on bank business days and 5 p.m. ET for Business Banking customers. In the United States: 021000021 Outside the United States: CHASUS33 (SWIFT code to be used when receiving money) Message: For international transfers, the SWIFT code is used instead of the routing number.

What is a road number?

A routing number, also known as an ABA Routing Transit Number (ABA RTN), is a nine-digit code that identifies the financial institution where you bank. They are unique to each bank and allow you to accurately transfer money between financial institutions. This means that it is important to use the right routing number, otherwise your money may go to the wrong place. Contact your financial institution before making large financial transactions. Large banks, like B. Chase, may have multiple routing numbers for each region they operate in. Your NR is based on the state in which you opened your account. Other smaller banks or banks that only operate online may only have one number for all account holders.

How do I find my bank code?

If you can’t find the route number you are looking for in this article, here are some other ways to find it:

  1. The first set of numbers in the lower left corner of your check.
  2. On your monthly statement.
  3. In your bank’s mobile application. (Chase mobile application)
  4. Call your bank’s customer service department (Chase Customer Service: 1-800-935-9935).
  5. On the website of the Bank
  6. Guide to the Federal Reserve Bank’s Electronic Payment System

word-image-5700 word-image-5701 The route number is at number 10 on the above document. For more information on the components of the exam, click here.

Using the Chase application

It’s easy to find your route number in the Chase app. To do this, just :

  1. Subscribe to
  2. Click on your account
  3. Click on View Details.
  4. Presto! You will see both the Chase route number and the account number.

Route numbers for other financial institutions:According to the Routing Number For Chase Bank: List By State , the routing number for Chase Bank is 522247525. The routing number is a 9-digit number found on the bottom of checks and on the signature panel on the back of credit cards. Routing numbers are used to identify the financial institution that issued a particular check or credit card, and to determine the financial institution where an electronic transfer originated.. Read more about chase routing number 021000021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is JP Morgan Chase’s routing number?

Chase Bank is one of the world’s largest financial institutions. It is a consumer-oriented bank, and it is known for its branch locations and its mobile banking application (My Chase) . Its services have changed over time, and it has also gone through mergers and acquisitions throughout its history. But regardless of how you want to get your money into the bank, you should have a clear idea of what Chase Bank’s routing number is. Chase Bank is one of the largest banks in America. Their headquarters are located in the New York – New York City area. The bank operates more than 7,000 branches in the United States. Chase Bank offers a large number of banking services to large and small corporations, financial institutions, governments, and individuals. The Chase Bank is also one of the most popular banks in the United States.

How do you find your routing number for Chase?

When you apply for something online, the company that offers it often asks for the routing number of the account you want to set up. This number is often a four digit number found on the bottom of your checking or savings account. To find the routing number, some people open up their checking or savings account statement. This is a bit tricky, since there might be a few ways to find your routing number, but it is the quickest way. I will show you the best way to find your way to find out the routing number for your Chase Bank Account.

What bank routing number is 021000021?

You might be aware that I prefer to use Chase Bank for my personal banking, so in the interest of full transparency, I am going to tell you what my routing number is. Chase Personal Accounts uses the bank routing number, 021000021 to identify your personal account. It is a unique identification number assigned to your account to ensure your transactions are processed properly. When you first start making money online, you may be tempted to send your money to the wrong bank account. This is almost always a disastrous mistake, and often results in losses and late fees. In this article, I’ll go over the basics of banking so you can make sure you’re sending your money to the right bank account, and also put together a list of the most common bank numbers for each bank.

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