When AirDNA was first announced, we were intrigued because it seemed to have a lot of potential to give a big boost to the fitness tracking market. The way it works is simply: you wear an AirDNA tracker on your wrist or ankle while you sleep, so it can collect the data and relay it to your phone in the morning. To start, we decided to do a complete review to see whether it lived up to its promises. Here’s what we found.

Ever wonder what the best foods to eat for weight loss are, or how to best reduce your grocery bill? We’ve taken a look at the most popular diets and what they really provide. Our review of AirDNA’s database shows that while some of them may work to some degree, none of them are truly effective.

An AirDNA analysis is a pretty awesome tool to have when it comes to finding the best products for your money. It’s a great way to evaluate a company’s financial health and give you a better idea of what you can expect in terms of value for your money. The problem is that most people are unfamiliar with the process and don’t know how to use it.

If you decide to rent short term, you’ll be glad you have a nice job or side income. Maybe you rent out your home or are considering purchasing another building specifically for your Airbnb business. But before you take the plunge, find out what the rates are in your area. Knowledge, as the saying goes, is indeed power. For example, what is the average daily rate of your closest competitors? What is the occupancy rate of the house at the end of the street? AirDNA lets you understand the sharing economy from the inside. But is it worth adding another service to what already seems like a win-win situation? To find out, check out our AirDNA test!

What is AirDNA?

Founded in 2015 by Scott and Will Shatford, AirDNA is a small company based in Denver, Colorado. However, it analyzes short-term rental markets worldwide, covering more than 40,000 cities and 750,000 properties in the United States alone. It’s about Big Data, a term for vast amounts of information. In other words: It collects and analyzes your local Airbnb short-term rental (STR) market. It is about giving people working in the HTS sector the opportunity to obtain data on their performance compared to their peers. This can give homeowners an idea of the demand in their area. AirDNA offers different products. Market Minder does almost exactly what the name suggests: It follows trends in the local RTS market. If you are an existing host, this may be the most useful tool this company offers. Another AirDNA service is called Investment Explorer. This is probably most relevant for people who are looking for a property to buy or rent. There are also business products that focus on trend analysis to find out where your customers are coming from and try to predict the future of your market. image from Pixabay word-image-16758

How does it work?

Every day, AirDNA uses a web-based method of gathering information called web scraping to gather information on more than 4 million short-term rental offers. Web scraping may seem scary, but it’s perfectly legal. AirDNA has a program that reads Airbnb, HomeAway and other STR sites very carefully every day and records everything it sees. Over time, it collects enough data on prices, housing locations, and the concentration of rental housing in the area to provide a valuable snapshot of the rental housing market. Users can refine the data by zip code, but not by street or neighborhood.

What information does it provide?

AirDNA is complete. Here are some of the indicators it produces:

  • The number of professional hosts in the region.
  • Average daily rental rate in the region.
  • How has the average daily rate changed recently?
  • Occupancy rates and their current trends.
  • Seasonal information, i.e. a comparison of rental activity in high and low season.
  • Regulation.
  • Income information, including annual income.

Useful presentation

In theory, you can collect and analyze all this information at home in your own spreadsheets. Finally, AirDNA has no backdoor into Airbnb’s database; everything it shows you comes from the front of the site. But even if you can do the same thing manually, the size of the Airbnb data collection makes it difficult. And even if you spend hours collecting this data, you won’t be able to analyze it to your advantage. The way AirDNA presents information in tables, charts and color-coded timelines is at least as valuable as the information itself. There is no math (or computer) involved. Pixabay image word-image-16759 It’s not hard to see how property managers can use this service. However, many people whose work overlaps with that of STRs may also find the AirDNA service useful. Here’s how.

Possible use of

Identifying competitors

One of the things AirDNA is good at is comparing. For example, it shows you B. the best-selling homes in a particular area, and you can see how many super-hosts are competing with you in your area. It also allows you to see how some rental properties are doing in your market. If you z. B. you only want to see the occupancy of the 2 bedroom apartments, you can do that. This means you can micro-compete. If you also have a two bedroom apartment for rent, you can compare your prices and services to this specific market instead of all STR properties.

Optimisation of the pricing model

If other Airbnb’s in your area have been steadily raising their prices over the past year, you should definitely look into it. Pricing strategy is truly the key to your rental success. For example, AirDNA can tell you when the low season is coming, which can prompt you to adjust your daily rate. If your revenue is growing slowly or your average occupancy rate is low, AirDNA can tell you why. Pixabay Image word-image-16760 This service can be particularly useful for professional homeowners or part-time employees. But for people who only have one room in an apartment and rent it out occasionally, AirDNA may not be worth it.

Decisions where to buy

If you already have some experience with STRs, you may be considering buying more properties. HomeAway, Airbnb, and the other apartment sharing apps you use have become a way of life for you – and more importantly, they’re your primary source of income. Before you decide where to establish your STR empire, you need to know which areas are profitable. Otherwise, you risk spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a property that you will not be able to rent out. If you want your business to succeed, you need to do research before you invest your money. AirDNA is a great way to do this. Look for well-ranked locations that have a lot of stable or even rising trends.

Real estate research

Investors and buyers of homes that are not rented out should also be aware of the impact Airbnb can have on a neighborhood. In some upscale neighborhoods, STR entrepreneurs are buying up entire houses and turning them into Airbnb apartments. This reduces the affordability of housing in general and can lead to higher rents. It can also have a detrimental effect on the character of the neighborhood. Short-term renters will not be as invested in the community as long-term renters. You’re on vacation and you just want to have fun. As a real estate agent, you will serve your clients well if you know the STR activities in your city. Pixabay Image word-image-16761

Clarify cancellation conditions

One of the most useful features of AirDNA is the analysis of delivery times. The reservation waiting time is the time during which a room is reserved in advance. In other words: It shows whether someone is booking Airbnb five days or five months in advance. The average lead time in a region can tell you a lot about supply and demand. If you find that during certain times of the year the area where your property is located tends to sell quickly, you may decide to apply a flexible cancellation policy on those days. Finally, you can always call on another client. However, if wait times shorten or rental demand decreases, you can adjust your policy accordingly to encourage compliance.

Check if you want to receive guests

Generating income with Airbnb can be harder than it looks. Without knowing the rental market around you, you have no idea if your neighborhood is already overflowing with empty apartments for short-term rentals. You don’t know who you’re dealing with either. If your roommate has put a low price on his or her many rental ads, be aware of that before you put what you think is a fair price for your one available room! On the other hand, if the average daily rate in your area is high and active listings are disappearing quickly, you may want to expand your business and buy an investment property. Booking rooms short term in a high demand area can generate three times the rental income as long term rentals. Pixabay image word-image-16762

What AirDNA does not do

AirDNA presents the information to its users in an excellent way. This way, trends that seem completely obvious can be excellently represented. If the annual number of guests in your zip code has increased over the past two years, chances are that trend will continue. AirDNA creates limited simulations of the future, so you can get an idea of where the market might go. However, there are nuances to life that this society of numbers does not take into account. For example, customers in your city may be hiring because a startup nearby has been actively hiring for a few years. When a startup stabilizes (or goes out of business), this trend, which relies heavily on potential employees coming to town for interviews, may come to a halt. With AirDNA, you can see this trend stop and reverse, but you may never know the cause. When a new hotel opens in your city, it can have an immediate effect on the rental market. AirDNA also doesn’t know what the hosts are doing in terms of customer service. If you start offering concert tickets with every booking, you may not be able to keep up. Analysts can tell you what’s going on, but not why or how to react. This part of the puzzle is up to you.

Customer service

Users report an unusually positive experience with AirDNA. The company has a sales and service office in Spain, but its foundation and headquarters are in Colorado. Mr. Sowler stated that the company employs less than 50 people. This, along with the relative newness of the company, may contribute to the focus on negative feedback. It usually handles customer complaints within 48 hours of receipt. She clearly lists her phone numbers on an easily accessible contact page and seems genuinely eager to communicate with customers. Feedback is remarkably high, and the STR community as a whole appreciates the company’s work. Image from Pixabay word-image-16763


Free AirDNA Demo

Here’s the good news: AirDNA supports the free demo! The version of Market Minder to which account holders have access before making payments is very limited. Some indicators, such as. B. Market evaluation and accurate price information are not available in the free module. Nevertheless, some general trends can be identified. For example, you can see that Salem, Massachusetts has 183 vacation rentals and a high season in October. Since this is the time of the annual Halloween party, it makes sense that this is the most important month of the year. In free mode, however, it is not possible to see more precise details. from AirDNA’s The Budget Diet. word-image-6024

Payment for full access

AirDNA prices are product specific and degressive depending on the number of rental cars on the market in your area. For example, if your market has less than 100 hosts, you’ll only pay $19.95 per month for MarketMinder. If your region supports more than 1,000, you will pay $99.95. If you have a very imagination, you can get an Enterprise account for $299.95 a month. Investment Explorer is more expensive and starts at $199.00 for access nationwide. The company’s access to this product has obviously been modified – you will need to contact the company for more information.

MarketMinder price

Screenshot of The Budget Diet from the AirDNA website. word-image-6025

Investment Explorer Award

Screenshot of AirDNA website taken by The Budget Diet. word-image-6026

AirDNA Plus Other costs STR

Anyone who has ever hosted people in their home knows that being a good host requires a certain investment. Either way, your precious time is worth it. If you’re not sure about the ins and outs of short-term rentals, you should read our article on Airbnb and renting. There are many considerations, from approving a guest to responding to messages from strangers. One thing is certain, however: You need to weigh all the costs before making a decision. Tax costs alone will reduce your profits, and you may also have to pay for locks, laundry bills and cleaning services. STR services also take a percentage of the booking amount. Before you add AirDNA to this pile, you need to analyze your income. Noticing tenant activity suggests you need more information about the area. In this case, AirDNA would be a good investment. However, if paying for a subscription is costing you money, try the free demo and see what you get before you pay.


Someand investors want to play it safe, and as financial gurus we support them! Research your alternatives before committing to a rental analysis company. AirDNA also has a competitor to keep an eye on. image from Pixabay word-image-6028 Beyond Pricing began around 2013. It is a property analysis company that is very active in STR accounts. One of the company’s key services is an automatic rate adjustment that responds to changes in the local rental market. What seems like a blessing at first can be a mixed blessing. After all, automatic price adjustments don’t always work well without a human hand at the wheel. In terms of cost, Beyond Pricing takes a percentage of your income instead of a flat rate. For homeowners just starting out, this model may be more appropriate than the AirDNA subscription plan. However, Beyond Pricing’s interface is also not as intuitive and easy to use as AirDNA’s. No fancy graphs or simple estimates here. Instead, Beyond Pricing relies on schedules and assumes you already know what you’re doing.

For and against


AirDNA certainly provides a valuable service. If you’re seriously considering making Airbnb your business, it’s entirely possible that you’ll make more profit than it’s worth. In other words: AirDNA can pay for itself if you use the information wisely. The fact that the interface is easy to read is a big plus. You are an owner, not a data scientist! You don’t have to struggle with spreadsheets. A Pixabay image word-image-16764


Like any valuable service, AirDNA can be very expensive. If you want to launch STR but your area is already full of vacation rentals, you may not be able to use MarketMinder right away. You may not know yet if your Airbnb business can spend $100 a month on data analytics alone!

Professional Cons
  • It might be worth it.
  • Easy to use
  • Save time and effort
  • Maybe a little expensive for a beginner.


AirDNA is worth its weight in gold if your location fits one of the different profiles.

  • You are one of the first or relatively few STR owners in your area.
  • Your STR company is already doing very well and you want to expand it.
  • You are a professional investor

Most Airbnb or HomeAway hosts won’t need such a tool. It’s a great toy, but if your STR is your second income, you probably shouldn’t indulge in this instrument. If you know your city well, you already know what the rush hours are. You can probably run your Airbnb profitably without knowing many metrics. Many people rent on a short term basis without doing more than taking a few pictures and putting down clean towels. Pixabay image word-image-16765 If all this seems to exceed your expectations, don’t despair. There are many ways to have someone do the cleaning for you! Check out our list of the seven best ways to make money from home. word-image-16766 word-image-16767So far, we have published a lot of reviews and comparison articles on the AirDNA system. Today, we will discuss its budget version. The AirDNA system is the most cost effective way of monitoring your car’s performance, and its budget version is the closest to the standard premium model.. Read more about how to research airbnb market and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AirDNA reliable?

To be perfectly honest, we’re not confident in this company’s reliability in making a report, especially since they don’t have a very high rating. The company didn’t even have a rating by the time we received our product. We’ve been burned by other diet pill companies before, so it’s best to take a pass on AirDNA. Last year in our full-length review of AirDNA, we found that the service was not a budget dieting tool. However, it very much is a budgeting tool. AirDNA provides many of the features that you may want for tracking your finances, including multiple accounts, bank transfer, and import/export. However, we found that it lacks many of the features that could make it a budgeting tool, such as the ability to see your entire spending in one place.

Is AirDNA owned by Airbnb?

Airbnb is a travel marketplace that allows people to rent their apartments and houses to travelers. The concept of Airbnb is that the rentals are temporary, but it’s hard to tell when a host will actually leave since they don’t really need to use their apartment or house for much of the time. That’s why Airbnb has a tool called AirDNA, which tells hosts when they need to leave their apartments and houses. AirDNA has been around for years, but this year it took a big step, launching a new service that aims to use the power of big data to help parties find homes. Called Open Homes , the service is available exclusively to Airbnb hosts and guests. Using a smartphone app, users can send a request to the AirDNA database, which returns a list of properties that meet the criteria of the requestor. It’s designed to help people find a place to live in the most efficient way possible.

What does AirDNA score mean?

It is now possible to look at the air quality in your area by simply logging into your AirDNA account. This website tracks the levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and ozone (O3) in your local area, and then displays this information on a map. AirDNA is one of the most popular and reliable online resources for auto data tracking. The company has more than 4,000 clients worldwide, and provides their customers with a huge library of reports that keep track of everything from the make and model of their vehicle to maintenance needs. It’s the kind of data you’d expect to find in an old-school car magazine. But this is the 21st century, and the world has changed.

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