The blog has been around for a long time, and my writing style has changed quite a lot since then. I’ve been through many financial crises – one of which I wrote about here – and so I’ll be sharing my experience and advice here every month.

I’ve been keeping this blog going since April 2013 in order to document the changes in our lives. In that time, much has changed but my intention has always been to document, as well as keep people informed of important news and events regarding the blog.

This month, the blog will be on vacation.

July 2021 - New schedule for the blog

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Overall, we had a fantastic month in July 2021. We ran across a number of friends and family members we hadn’t seen in a long time. The weather was not ideal, with several floods in Switzerland, but it did not have a significant influence on us.

Because of the taxes due next year, it was a bad month financially. We were unable to save any money during the month as a result of this. We knew it was going to happen, though. So, in the end, it’s not so horrible.

July 2021

We enjoyed multiple gatherings with friends and family members over this month. It was wonderful to see so many individuals we hadn’t seen in a long time. We had a wonderful experience. We also overate, but that usually goes hand in hand with having a wonderful time.

Aside from that, we went about our business as usual.

On most fronts, we were able to spend very little money. We did, however, have to pay a large amount of taxes because we did not pay enough the previous year. The monthly payments are now more precise. As a result, we should avoid this issue next year.

We were unable to save any money this month in the end. This is the second month in a row that this has happened this year. But there was something special about both months:

  • The house has a large bill.
  • Last year’s taxes were extremely high.

As a result, this should not become a trend. Our pre-tax expenses, on the other hand, are extremely modest this month. As a result, we’re still performing a fantastic job.


Let’s look at our expenses for July 2021 in the same way:

Category Total Status Details
Insurances 745 Average Health Care Coverage
Transportation 60 new standard deviation Fuel + Parking
Communications 65  Average Internet
Personal 724 Average A new garden lounge, medical costs, and other other items
Food 625 Above average performance performance Groceries
Housing 643 Above average Interests, heating, and water are all factors to consider.
Taxes 19697 Exceptionally high Taxes as usual plus taxes from the previous year

In July 2021, we spent a total of 22566 CHF. This is a very remarkable figure! This is the second month in a row that we have spent above 20,000 CHF. We don’t want to see this trend continue. However, we only spent 2869 CHF before taxes! This is an excellent result, significantly lower than our average.

Clearly, taxes have ruined our budget this month. But we were expecting it. Then, starting next month, we’ll return to a normal tax rate. And, because the monthly tax bills are more accurate this year, and our income isn’t expected to increase significantly, we shouldn’t have as large of a gap next year.

We also went a little beyond with our grocery budget. We had to buy a lot of stuff we weren’t used to buying because we invited guests so many times, which greatly increased our expenditure. Nonetheless, our average food costs are becoming unacceptably high for my liking. We’ll have to keep an eye on it. But I’m not sure what we did differently in our purchases.

Overall, we had a terrific month in terms of spending (not counting taxes). Despite having an average month, we were able to spend very little money. We can’t possibly spend less than 3000 CHF per month. But it’s encouraging to learn that we can still have some pleasant months!

Goals for 2021

Let’s take a look at where we are with our 2021 goals:

Our goals as of July 2021 As of July 2021, our objectives are as follows:

Our goals, with the exception of one, are performing well this month. We are quite near to (just below) our goal of 4500 CHF monthly spending this month, thanks to our good expenses. The 0% savings rate, on the other hand, puts some pressure on our savings rate aim. We should be able to attain a 50% average by the end of the year if we have a few more excellent months for savings rates.

Despite the fact that they are doing well globally, I was unable to walk and exercise as much this month. The bad weather can be blamed for the lack of walkers. And when it comes to exercising exercise, I normally do so during workday interruptions. And work has been particularly demanding this month, with some days going by without a break, so there has been no time for a workout.

To complete the optimization target, I will optimize one bill costing roughly 45 CHF each month next month. Of course, I’m always looking for ways to improve things, but there’s only so much we can do at this point. Taxes are the only spending area that has a significant impact on our budget. And it appears that there isn’t much we can do to reduce our taxes.

I’m not going to discuss the page visits target. I’ll discuss it in the blog section.

So far, our objectives have been met. I’m not sure we’ll meet our spending and savings rate targets, but we still have a few months to get there. And right now, we’re doing really well.

Net Worth

Let’s have a peek at our net worth:

Our Net Worth as of July 2021 As of July 2021, our net worth is

Our net worth was 408K at the conclusion of the month. This is down around 3% from the previous month, but still up 21% since the start of the year.

Our net worth plummeted, as was to be expected. With such a high price tag, this makes sense. In terms of our investments, the stock market has been quite stable this month, so there have been no significant changes. We are nevertheless pleased with the status of our net worth because we anticipated that scenario. We’re still higher than I anticipated!

Aside from the massive tax bills we had to pay, nothing significant changed in terms of our finances.

My ESPP shares will vest early next month. Unless the market falls, this might make a significant impact in our net worth. Aside from that, nothing significant is expected to happen to our net worth in the coming month.

The Blog

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The blog lost a lot of visitors once again, as is customary. The blog’s traffic has dropped by more than 15% this month. This has been one of the most difficult months of the year. I’ve given up trying to figure out what’s wrong with what I’m doing for the blog at this point. I haven’t lost ten percent of my weight from last year. I have to say, I’m not very good at this.

As a result, I am less inclined to write on the blog. As a result, I’ll be changing my blog schedule starting this month. Instead of publishing two pieces per week, I will just publish one on Tuesday. I reduced the timetable to once a week because producing two articles a week takes a lot of work and produces little results.

I have no doubt that this will reduce traffic even more, but even with hard labor, I don’t see how I can boost it. As a result, I’d rather take it down and give up.

I kept translating and updating articles, but I’m very sure I’m wasting my time at this point. I actually get less visitors on the French section of the blog now that I have more items translated.

I’ll quit translating articles next month. I’m also going to cease updating articles unless there’s a serious problem with them.

August 2021 is the following month.

July 2021 was a fantastic month for us, a poor month for our finances, and a bad month for the blog in general.

We have a couple family and friend gatherings planned for August 2021. We’re just hoping for some nice weather for these. Apart from that, there will be one important event, which I will discuss in more detail in the next monthly post.

So, how about you? How was your July 2021?

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The author of is Mr. The Poor Swiss. He realized he was falling into the lifestyle inflation trap in 2017. He made the decision to reduce his spending while increasing his income. This blog chronicles his journey and discoveries. In 2019, he plans to save more than half of his income. He set a goal for himself to achieve financial independence. Here’s where you may send a message to Mr. The Poor Swiss.

I’ll be taking a new approach to blogging. I’m ending the blog, and instead, I’ll be writing a long-form blog which will be released monthly, on July 31st, 2021. That’ll be a full year of blog posts, and I plan to write at least one post a week, so it’ll probably end up being, like, 40 posts. I’ll also be giving out prizes, like a free shirt or something. So, if there’s anything you really want to know about, leave a comment in the blog post and I’ll comment back.. Read more about supreme court recess 2021 and let us know what you think.

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