Taking care of your kids shouldn’t mean you’re spending less time with your partner and more time worrying about your finances. So, let’s create a list of eleven jobs that are perfect for parents who want to stay at home, but still want to make a living.

There are many reasons why someone may choose to stay at home with the kids. Some parents choose to stay at home because they are struggling to find work. Others simply prefer a more relaxed life, and like the idea of spending more time with their children.

With kids at home, many people think staying at home is the ideal situation for a parent. But there really are a lot of ways to make a living when you don’t have to commute to and from work.. Read more about jobs for stay at home moms 2021 and let us know what you think.

word-image-15024 word-image-15025   word-image-15027 word-image-15029   word-image-15031 word-image-15033     word-image-15035 word-image-15037 Living on one income can sometimes be difficult, even if you are very frugal. The ability to work from home can make this task much easier. When we had our second child, we went from a two-earner family to a one-earner family, which meant tighter budgets and more modest spending. The extra income I was able to generate at home made it easier to pay the bills and reduced the stress on my husband, the sole breadwinner. We’ve managed to pay off our debts, build up savings and take a few trips with the income I receive as a stay-at-home mom.

Would you like to earn an income while sitting at home?

It is possible, even if you are very busy. In fact, some stay-at-home parents earn more than their office mates. Working from home has many advantages.  You can raise your family and still earn an income. And your possibilities are endless.   word-image-15039 word-image-15040

11 Ideal careers for stay-at-home parents

1. Blogger

Honestly, I love this work option because it’s what I do for extra income. I want to be there when my kids wake up and go to bed.  In fact, we homeschool, so blogging is ideal.  I can blog according to our family’s schedule and still make a good income. And the opportunities to make money from blogging are endless.  You can earn an income by advertising, affiliate sales, product promotion, courses and developing your own products. Starting a blog is one of the easiest tasks.  In fact, you can create your blog in minutes. With the lowest startup costs, blogging is one of the best professions. If you want to learn how to blog, check out this site.

2. Babysitting/childcare

This is the job the world needs most: qualified and caring childcare workers. Locally, we have a severe shortage of childcare. Working as a stay-at-home mom or dad gives you a great opportunity to care for your own children, as well as those of your neighbors or friends, while earning an income. Maybe you are only interested in after-school babysitting or occasional weekend babysitting. The possibilities are endless. We have a friend who only takes care of her children and a few other children.  This allows her to stay at home and work from home.

3. Pinterest Marketer

Yes, you read it right – a Pinterest marketer or social media consultant. You can make money on Pinterest! Maybe you’re a Pinterest mom, or maybe you know nothing about Pinterest.  To be honest, I didn’t know about Pinterest until a year and a half ago. I currently make $2,000 a month on Pinterest and work less than 12 hours a week. Check it out here if you want to know more.

4. Confectioner

It’s a business that has stood the test of time and is recession-proof if done right. People love cupcakes, cookies, muffins, candy and treats that they don’t have to make themselves. We have a bakery in our area that started and thrived during the 2008 recession, and now has opened two more locations. What is the secret of their success?  A simple product, a good price and a sign of love for their community. She also expanded her pastry shop to include birthday parties, weddings and a simple tea room. But nothing too complicated, what you could do at home made them tasty and cheap enough to entice you to try it. If you like to cook, there are many options.  I’m thinking wedding season. Or maybe you like to bake and the farmer’s market is your ideal spot. If you can make pies, I envy you, I can’t make a pie crust yet.

5. Knitter / Crocheter / Quilter / Sewing

Some of them have become a lost art in the age of big chain stores. A few weeks ago I met a woman who makes her living from quilting.  She says she has been doing this for 20 years and it allows her to stay home with her family. That’s saying a lot for a single mom raising kids.  I was really impressed with his talent and dedication to his craft. You may not be a quilter, but you sew and make baby items that you sell locally and online. Or maybe you crochet and make blankets, hats and tea towels to sell at your local market. Being able to make a product that can be given away or sold opens up new possibilities for you as a homemaker. Etsy.com, farmers markets, craft fairs, local online communities are your storefronts.   word-image-15041 word-image-15042

6. Virtual assistant

Are you good at sitting at your computer? Virtual assistants can work from home or virtually anywhere in the world.  You may be responsible for data entry, customer service, digital design, social media marketing, editing and more. I have family members who do customer service and accounting at a virtual level and are very well paid. Virtual work allows you to be at home with your children.  Click here for more information on how to become a virtual assistant.

7. Photographer

Are you good at capturing the moment?  Do you like photography?  Making a living as a photographer has so many possible perspectives. You can take wedding photos, maternity and birth photos, school photos, digital stock photos, family photos and much more. You can set your own rates and opening hours.  Match your schedule with your family’s and develop your creativity.

8. Farmer

Do you have green fingers and a piece of land where you can grow your own produce? Growing your own produce can feed your family and provide a good source of income.

9. Airbnb host

Do you have an extra room, an apartment, a cottage or a house that you would like to rent out to make money? Airbnb rentals are a great source of extra income. We have friends who have added two apartments to their home and rent them out through Airbnb, giving them a great retirement income. Create a free account on Airbnb today to learn more and receive a $60 credit towards your next vacation!

9. Accountant

Are you good with numbers? Bookkeepers work with businesses and individuals to ensure that their financial information is up to date and processed correctly. They also work hand in hand with the accountants. You can set your own hours, take on as many clients as you want, and align your schedule with your family’s interests.

10. Selling things online

Do you want to earn a substantial income from your home? If so, selling products on Amazon could be the job for you. The advantage of selling on Amazon is that your customer base is already there, you just need to create the demand. You can learn how one family created a six-figure business selling products on Amazon from home.

11. Advisor

Were you an executive or teacher before you wanted to stay home with your family? Is there a demand for your skills?

Your possibilities are endless

If you want to work from home, there is a way for that.  You’re not limited to these jobs. We know hairdressers, fitness instructors, massage therapists and painters who work from home. If you can take a job that you enjoy or an interest that you have and change it to generate an income from home, do it. Updated at 25. February 2020.


An ideal job for stay-at-home parents

Whether you are the primary caregiver or you are relying on your spouse to provide full-time or part-time childcare, there are many different jobs that require little or no outside resources to complete. These jobs are perfect for stay at home parents, allowing you to devote your time towards your family and children, while also taking care of your home and any other needs that you may have. This list includes 11 jobs that allow you to do this, but don’t limit yourself.. Read more about jobs for stay at home moms 2020 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best job for a stay at home mom?

As a stay at home parent myself, I know that juggling a family and a job can be stressful, but there are a few jobs out there that allow you to do both at once. Here are the best jobs for stay at home parents: With traditional jobs becoming less flexible and less attractive, many Americans have been forced to seek employment outside the home. People are becoming more and more interested in home based jobs – especially moms. There are a lot of occupation that you can do at home, and some of them are really great.

Can I get paid for being a stay at home mom?

As a stay at home parent, you likely have a lot of free time on your hands. You may also have some savings that you can use to fund your hobbies and life. Perhaps you want to buy a small business or start a side hustle? Or maybe you just need some extra cash and want to earn some passive income. Whatever it is, these are some ways you can make money without a job. Parenting is a difficult task and not all parents are prepared to do it. If you are a stay at home mom you are probably well aware of this issue, and you are probably spending most of your time doing house work and caring for your children. While it is true that you won’t be needing to work to support your family, it is also true that you can’t work and take care of your children at the same time. So, how do you go about earning money to support your family? Should you work at home? Should you look for part-time jobs? Or should you take a day job? In this post, we are going to be discussing the different ways that you can get paid to be a stay

How do I get a job as a stay at home mom?

How do you get a job as a stay at home mom?  If you want to get a lucrative job as a stay at home mom, you will need to know a few rules first. For starters, you will have to know about the stay at home mom job market. There are dozens of companies that offer these positions and these jobs are very lucrative for someone looking to make some extra money. You can be a mom, a dad, a nanny, or even a farmhand, but you need to know the right job and the right place to start your search. There are many options for working moms to stay at home and focus on family, and one of them is to become a stay at home mom (SAHM). There are many things that come with being a SAHM, such as shopping, cooking, and cleaning, but there are also things you can do to give yourself some extra income.

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