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clevercircles Review 2021 - Pros & Cons

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clevercircles is a new Robo-advisor that has been brought to my notice in Switzerland. The Robo-advisory world is getting a community feature. Some individuals have inquired as to whether or not they should utilize this Robo-advisor.

So, in this review, I’ll take a close look at clevercircles to evaluate how excellent they are, how much we’ll have to pay in fees, and how they invest their money.

By the conclusion of the review, you’ll know whether or not clevercircles is a good investment.


clevercircles is a new Robo-advisor that launched in 2018. It was created by the CIC Bank of Switzerland. Since 1909, the CIC Bank Switzerland has been a regulated bank in Switzerland. CIC Bank Switzerland is a part of France’s bigger Bank CIC banking company. The CIC group is owned by Credit Mutuel, a major French financial conglomerate.

It’s a Robo-advisor with a twist, as we’ll see in the following section, since it also includes a community aspect that no other Swiss Robo-advisor has.

You must be 18 years old and a Swiss resident to create a clevercircles account.

On Android and Apple, you may utilize clevercircles via the online application or the mobile application. Having two choices is fantastic.

It’s worth noting that clevercircles is only accessible in French and German at this time. English and Italian are not yet supported.

Investing Methodology

Clevercircles’ investment approach is straightforward. They will provide you with a portfolio based on your responses throughout the onboarding process. This portfolio will be made up of index funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). They utilize both index funds and ETFs, which is unusual.

Portfolio on clevercircles

They exclusively invest in index funds and passive exchange-traded funds (ETFs). This is advantageous since all of their options have cheap costs and a wide range of options. As a result, the default investment approach makes logical.

You may also completely personalize your portfolio. For example, I could build a portfolio that included 97 percent (the maximum) equities and 3% cash. Other asset types, however, might have been used:

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Investing in real estate
  • Commodities

It’s fantastic that we can tailor the portfolio to our specific requirements. This is mostly for sophisticated investors. Beginning investors may simply follow the suggested portfolio.

To establish an account with clevercircles, you’ll need a minimum of 5,000 CHF. This seems a bit excessive to me. You may open an account with many Robo-advisors with far lower minimums.

On the other hand, having a demo account for those who wish to test the program is a positive thing. However, it would be much better if this service could be tested with a lower minimum.

Their investment approach now includes a second component: circles. A circle of people may be formed. You may think of them as a collection of investors. You may be a member of several groups and ask others to join them. The comparison is similar to getting together with a group of friends once a month to talk about investment. You will get a suggestion on how to invest for the next month at the conclusion of the meeting.

Every two months, all clevercircles users are given a series of questions regarding several asset classes and the market’s future. This data is then pooled inside groups in order to suggest rebalancing to the group’s members. If all of your group members are pessimistic on real estate, the algorithm will most likely recommend that you decrease your real estate allocation.

You have the option of accepting or rejecting such an offer once you get it. This is just an automatic rebalancing proposal based on the members in your circle’s points of view.

This is a feature that I dislike. It makes no sense to me. The aim of passive investing and asset allocation is to establish your portfolio based on your objectives and then let the market take care of the rest. Changing your portfolio every two months depending on the opinions of individuals who have no more insight into the market’s future than you have totally contradicts the point of passive investing.

Active investment does not generate superior long-term outcomes than passive investing, according to research. With an active selection of passive investment solutions, clevercircles attempts to strike a balance.

So, if you’re going to utilize clevercircles, I’d advise you to skip this functionality. You may utilize circles as a Robo-advisor by just ignoring them (you will be alone in your circle). However, some Robo-advisors will do it just as well, if not better.

Fees for Investing

Fees must be kept to a minimum while investing for the long run. Investing fees are very significant, and they are virtually the only item over which you have complete control. As a result, we must carefully examine each Robo-fees. advisor’s

clevercircles uses a degressive pricing approach that is very straightforward:

  • By default, 0.65% each year is charged.
  • Starting at 100,000 CHF, 0.55 percent each year
  • Starting at 200’000 CHF, 0.45 percent each year

The annual management charge is set at a minimum of 40 CHF.

We must also include in the ETF fees in addition to the management costs. The fees you pay are determined on the portfolio you’re utilizing. With the ETFs from clevercircles, a decent average is 0.20 percent each year.

Finally, each transaction will incur a spread of 0.135 percent. This may make a big impact if you invest mostly in foreign currencies. This is particularly essential after you sell your portfolio for cash since you will lose 0.135 percent of your money. It’s impossible to say how much this will cost each year, but it’s something to keep in mind.

We have a charge of 0.85 percent to 0.65 percent each year, which includes management and ETF fees. Overall, it’s very excellent! In Switzerland, clevercircles is one of the most affordable Robo-advisors.

Making a user account

To get a sense for the system, I went through the process of establishing a demo account. You may easily establish an account by answering the following questions:

  • Information about yourself
  • Your personal financial data
  • Your financial objectives
  • Your risk tolerance

Following that, they will provide you with a portfolio that you may personalize.

During onboarding, however, I encountered a number of problems. I completed the onboarding process in French (there is no English version), and there were a few apparent mistakes. Several terms were also left out of the translation. Furthermore, I experienced problems with the sliders that allowed me to view my investment values, and when I moved the sliders, they remained at zero. It didn’t seem to be very professional to me.

User feedback

Normally, I like to read evaluations of the services I evaluate. However, there are relatively few reviews accessible in this instance. There has yet to be a single review on Trustpilot, and the same can be said for Google reviews.

There are 14 ratings on the Apple Store, with an average rating of 4.1 out of 5, but only two full reviews. There are 11 reviews on the Play Store, with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.

It’s difficult to gain a sense of the service’s quality with so few ratings. It isn’t always a disadvantage, however. If you wish to spend a lot of money in the service, the fact that it isn’t very developed and just a few individuals seem to be utilizing it isn’t comforting.

Pros of clevercircles

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of clevercircles:

  • Apps for the web and mobile
  • Management fees are low.
  • Customization opportunities are excellent.
  • Minimum investment (5’000 CHF) that is reasonable

Cons of clevercircles

Let’s take a look at the drawbacks of clevercircles:

  • Robo-advisor that is still in its infancy.
  • It is owned by a French bank.
  • The community function isn’t very helpful.
  • There aren’t enough user reviews for the tool.
  • The information on the webpage is sometimes out of current.
  • Only French and German are accessible.
  • Currency exchange costs are too expensive.
  • There are many mistakes in the French edition.
  • The online interface isn’t particularly user-friendly.
  • There is no English version available.


This proposition makes me a bit uneasy. I don’t understand how the circles feature, which seems to be at the heart of this Robo-advisor, can be useful. And if you take away that functionality, they’re just like other Swiss Robo-advisors. Their costs are reasonable, but so are those of other Robo-advisors.

I believe that a Robo-advisor that just does passive investing and does not include active features such as circles would be a better match for investors. It would be simpler and, in the long run, perhaps more profitable.

They also have a less finished appearance than other Robo-advisors, almost as if they are a beta version of a product. There were many apparent errors and missing translations when I went through onboarding in French. Furthermore, during onboarding, many elements (such as sliders) did not function for me. At this point, I would not trust them with my money.

I would suggest checking at other Robo-advisors in Switzerland if you are searching for a good Robo-advisor.

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Clevercircles is a website that does exactly what it says on the tin, it allows you to create your own trading bots to follow trading signals. As well as letting you create your own, they also offer a range of pre-defined bots that are suitable for different types of traders. They are pretty good at what they do, but are they really any better to make your own?. Read more about retire in progress and let us know what you think.

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