Though back to school shopping doesn’t officially start until Labor Day, the summer sale has begun in many areas of the country. Stores put money into their back to school advertising budgets hoping to lure in the kids with the best deals. These ads usually feature attractive kids with stylish backpacks in front of brightly colored backgrounds. Kids copy each other’s fashion sense, so they tend to dress similarly. Behaviors change a lot during back to school. Many students are eager to try new foods and experiment with new things.

For me, back to school is a time of excitement. It’s a time when I can look forward to some big changes in my life: new classes, new friends, new hobbies and new adventures. But with all the excitement comes the decision of what to do with all the money I have stored for the year. Should I spend it all on new clothes, electronics or school supplies? I’ve got my own personal opinion on that matter, and I’m going to share it with you in this blog post!

Did you know that the back to school season marks the start of new school supplies, back to school clothes, and back to school deals? No matter what your little one or you are into, these tips can help you with the process of shopping.. Read more about back to school financial tips and let us know what you think.

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It’s that time of year again: budgeting for the new school year.

I understand that families with children can easily spend hundreds of dollars on sending their children back to school with the most up-to-date equipment. That’s not who I am. My budget is always pretty conservative because I know there will be a slew of other things that I’ll need to pay for during the year.

Here are some of my favorite back-to-school shopping methods that I use every year to save money.

Begin at home.

Before you go to the supermarket, look around your house for any stray supplies. To say the least, I’m confident you’ll find pencils, pens, and paper. You may have additional supplies laying around from the previous year if you overbought.

However, we usually have pencils, paper, and a few binders about the house. When I was in school, my family’s supply budget shrank as we grew older, so I would successfully raid the house each year for paper, reusable folders that were still in good condition.

When it comes to backpacks, it’s ideal to invest in one that will last a few years rather than having to buy a new one every year. My son will be wearing the same backpack as me this year, since I wore the same backpack throughout high school and college.

Find Back-to-School Freebies

Back-to-school celebrations are held in most places, where volunteers and groups go out and distribute basic school supplies and bags to the community. These types of events are accessible to the public, and you don’t need an ID or anything to take advantage of the free materials and other donations.

Last year, I attended one of these events, and my small town outdid themselves. They had a large food truck that handed out meat, boxes of cheese, bread, and other products, as well as a barber who gave all the kids free haircuts, in addition to handing out school supplies, home necessities, and free BBQ. Because I had so much provolone cheese in the freezer, I was able to make sandwiches for lunches all winter.

Search online, look for leaflets, or ask town officials or your local library to see if any of these activities are being held in your region. It’s possibly still not too late!


If it’s not in your budget, stay away from name brands.

On this one, I’m serious. When buying for school clothes for kids, the style and quality of the garments, as well as the pricing, should be your primary considerations. It’s acceptable if you’re wearing a name brand, but it’s also fine if you’re wearing a generic Target brand.

When it comes to clothing, I try to buy enough to last me through the fall, winter, and early spring before I have to go shopping again. That necessitates a great deal of planning. Here, you can save money by accepting hand-me-downs and purchasing gently used clothing.

Because it’s so hot where I live in August, I’ve decided to send my son back to school in some of his summer shorts, then take advantage of Labor Day bargains in September if I need to buy anything new.

This year, before heading to a typical retail store, we’ll stop by a new Goodwill to check out their kids’ apparel, and I accept hand-me-downs all year, so I have pants in our storage unit that he can wear in three years. If you don’t have access to any decent thrift stores in your area, you can use ThredUp to shop online.

ThredUp is an online consignment store that sells gently worn men’s, women’s, and children’s items. You may also sell your clothes to ThredUp and get paid, or you can shop for yourself and your family at their inexpensive costs.

If you want to check out their goods, you can buy a back-to-school outfit for your child for free. If you use my referral link, you will receive $10 in your account, and I will receive $10 in my account.

This is the time to use coupons.

Even if you despise couponing, this is one time when you should make an effort because it could save you a significant amount of money. I like Target coupons since they are easy to access on your phone, plus this year they have dollar store prices on a variety of school goods.

Check the postal circulars for information on where the best prices will be found, then clip out a few coupons to utilize. You can also go the more modern route and save money by using an app to compare coupons and bargains.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about applications like Ibotta and Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates). You only have to do this once a year, so why not go the additional mile to save some money?

Rakuten (Ebates) Review: Get Cash Back on Everyday Purchases

Begin putting money aside as soon as possible.

If you have more than one child, setting money aside throughout the summer is a necessary, but it’s a good idea for all parents. Instead of having to deplete your funds right before school starts in August, it’s best to have money set aside.

In June, I started saving $30 here and there for school clothes, and after seeing the supply list, I factored the cost of supplies into my budget.

You may begin budgeting for back-to-school expenses as soon as possible, and set up automatic transfers to boost your savings each month.

Seasonal Rush is a great time to shop.

It’s sometimes preferable to dodge the holiday rush, but when it comes purchasing school supplies and clothing, I’d advise go for broke and brave the throng. During this season, retailers offer incredible discounts on things, and if you shop too early or too late, you may miss out on those discounts.

Back To School Shopping On A Budget 1 What are your strategies for saving money on back-to-school apparel and supplies? While this is geared primarily toward children, think back to the good old days… What were your go-to money-saving strategies as a student?

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Most families are buying backpacks and back-to-school supplies for their kids. Yet when it comes to backpacks, you may be surprised at how much your kids are carrying. Whether they are using the same old backpack from last year, or they are switching to a new and improved backpack, you know that they will need to carry their textbooks, laptops, school supplies, and maybe even a few extra toys.To avoid carrying around too much stuff, or to make sure the kids get what they need, you should make sure to plan ahead. There are some back to school shopping tips that are easy to do, or you can save money by buying the items you need on sale.. Read more about how to save school supplies and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good budget for back-to-school shopping?

A good budget for back-to-school shopping is $100.

How do you save on back-to-school shopping?

To save on back-to-school shopping, you can shop online and use coupons. You can also sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime and get free 2-day shipping on all your orders.

What do you need for back-to-school shopping?

You will need a backpack, pencil case, and a notebook.

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