If you’re suffering from introversion, a few jobs might not sound like a great place to start. An introvert is a person who is naturally quiet, not going to be very social, and not comfortable in a loud, fast-paced environment. Life might not be easy for a person who is introverted, but they can still and should be able to find employment.

Introverts tend to be more intelligent then you think. Introverts tend to be more intelligent then you think. I know that I am, so I thought it only right to write an intro for a blog post titled “20 worst jobs for introverts to have (+ what jobs to get instead)”.

If you are a person who has a hard time socializing, most likely, you’ve thought about taking a job in a different field. You’ve tried to find a job in a different field to make yourself more comfortable, but your best efforts are still fruitless. So, what can you do to get an enjoyable job? And isn’t that the only thing that matters in life?. Read more about jobs for introverts with no experience and let us know what you think.

Introverts’ worst jobs

So you’re an introvert on the lookout for the worst professions for introverts?

Let’s face it, we’re all born with personalities. The majority of the decisions we make in our lives are influenced by our personalities.

If you despise small chat and prefer to work in a quiet atmosphere, you are one of the world’s 25% to 40% of introverts.

Finding a career that suits you as an introvert may be difficult. When dealing with a large group of people, introverts frequently feel exhausted.

This, however, does not rule out the possibility of you becoming a good employee or having a successful freelance career. All you have to do now is locate the perfect job for you.

So, choose your profession carefully and stay away from these terrible occupations for introverts.

We’ll talk about the worst occupations for introverts and shy individuals, as well as the greatest professions for introverts and shy people.

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Is it true that you’re an introvert? – Check it out!

In the 1920s, renowned psychologist Carl Jung coined the words introvert and extrovert. Based on his findings, he defined two personality categories.

  • how they acquire their energy
  • devote their time and efforts

Introverts strive to replenish their energy in their own thoughts, whereas extroverts seek to recharge their energies in other people, according to Jung.

Introverts are sometimes stereotyped as timid individuals who keep to themselves, talk too quietly to be heard, and avoid social situations. This is, in reality, a misconception.

Introverts are more reserved and quiet than extroverts, yet they may be quite social and have excellent interpersonal skills.

While introverts are capable of taking on all of the duties that an extrovert can, they prefer to work in quiet, autonomous environments that allow them to reach their full potential.

What qualities should an introvert seek in a job?

When it comes to finding a career, introverts should make the right decision.

Here are some qualities people should look for while selecting a job.

  • Instead than working in groups, individuals may work alone.
  • Workplace that is calm and serene
  • Coworkers should be open-minded and excellent listeners.
  • Rather to multitasking, work should entail focusing on a single task at a time.
  • Instead of group engagement, work should include one-on-one interaction.

What kind of work qualities should an introvert avoid?

Working in the wrong atmosphere for an introvert may lead to fatigue and dissatisfaction.

Introverts may also develop a dislike for going to work.

As a result, the greatest thing an introvert can do is choose a profession that is tailored to their requirements and avoid occupations that would make them self-conscious and cause them to burn out.

Layouts for open offices

These days, open workplace layouts are quite common, yet they may be extremely distracting for introverts.

Open office environments should be avoided since the noise and bustle may be distracting.

Collaboration is beneficial.

Many supervisors prefer cooperation over concentrated work, which introverts may not like.

Client-facing roles

In a client-facing job, you’ll speak to clients on the phone, meet with them in person, and engage with them if they come into your office.

Introverts may get dissatisfied and exhausted as a result of this kind of job.

Jobs in sales

To be successful in sales, you need have an outgoing and pleasant attitude.

Extroverts are naturally outspoken and excellent at small conversation, both of which are important qualities for this kind of job. For someone with an introverted disposition, working in sales may be difficult.

Speaking in front of an audience

If you’re an introvert, public speaking may be intimidating.

Teaching, politics, and other jobs that require public speaking may be exhausting for introverts. They find it tiresome and time-consuming.

What jobs should introverts stay away from?

Here are some of the worst professions for introverts that may leave them emotionally and physically tired and weary.

Jobs in sales


A sales profession requires excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Daily interactions with clients, who may or may not be courteous, are part of the work.

You’ll have to deal with a lot of unpleasant and critical individuals.

A pleasant and outgoing attitude is required in a sales representative.

Working in a competitive and high-pressure atmosphere is also a requirement of the position, since you must achieve monthly or quarterly sales goals.

Sales occupations are the worst employment for introverts or anybody who is timid, in my opinion.


The work of a teacher entails a great deal of public speaking and contact with pupils.

Attending training, school meetings, overseeing activities, and working with colleagues are all part of the job description.

Even for individuals who are not introverts, speaking in front of an audience may be difficult.

Work in the healthcare field

Because this profession demands them to help patients and look after their needs, healthcare personnel should have excellent interpersonal skills.

Interacting with the patients’ family, who may be upset, is a part of several healthcare professions.

For introverts, this may be very exhausting.

Healthcare professionals are often required to work in high-volume settings and may be required to do several activities at once.

For introverts, juggling several things at once may be tiring.


Introverts like to work in a quiet atmosphere where they won’t be interrupted.

The job of a receptionist is the polar opposite of this. Anyone may come up to you and disrupt whatever you’re doing, whether you’re a hotel or company receptionist.

A receptionist’s work include answering phones and responding to in-person inquiries, emails, and complaints.

It’s possible that you’ll have to handle several jobs at once. Introverts do not thrive in a fast-paced, quiet environment.

Attendant on a plane

The work of a flight attendant entails a lot of client contact.

As a flight attendant, you’ll be expected to deliver a safety demonstration to a packed aircraft and assist passengers anytime they need it.

If a scenario like this occurs, you may have to deal with tough and unpleasant passengers and settle disputes.

You must also be upbeat, lively, and always have a grin on your face, regardless of the circumstance.

Agent for real estate

For an introvert, working as a real estate agent may be a nightmare. To succeed as a real estate salesperson, you must excel in small chat and sales presentations.

You must put on your charm every time you meet a prospective customer and persuade them that they are receiving a great bargain.

You will often be called upon to act as a mediator between the buyer and the seller.

For introverts, this profession may be daunting since your success relies on your ability to connect with and persuade prospective customers.


A lawyer’s work include presenting cases to a court and jury. You must also interact with your customers on an individual level.

You may also be in charge of client meetings involving multiple lawyers and staff personnel. While you will spend the most of your time as a lawyer at an office, you will also have to interact with people.

This may be an issue if you are not used to public speaking.

This is one of the worst professions for introverts who suffer from anxiety.

Organiser of events

For introverts, a profession that includes large parties and get-togethers with hundreds of people is a no-no.

You will be responsible for organizing corporate events, trade fairs, and conferences as an event planner. You’ll need to manage big groups of people to set up and execute the event.

Because you’ll be negotiating vendor contracts and managing client relationships, you’ll need strong verbal and communication skills.


A politician’s work include interacting with a wide range of individuals from many walks of life, speaking at public events, and giving radio and television interviews.

It’s impossible to be a politician without appearing in public.

You must have steely nerves and be able to handle criticism effectively. Any display of nervousness or errors may result in a barrage of ridicule on social media.

Running for a public office may not be the ideal choice for you if you are timid and introverted.


One of the worst professions for introverts is that of a stock broker.

To be a great stockbroker, you must be competitive, self-assured, and willing to take risks.

To make your argument, you may need to be aggressive, loud, and pushy at times. When working on a computer screen, you need to be able to make fast decisions since there is no time to think.

Introverts despise high-stress environments, while stockbrokers thrive in them. Successful stockbrokers thrive and flourish in the midst of the activity, rather than feeling exhausted.


Customers must be interacted with throughout the day in retail employment.

Most shop locations are open, and you won’t be able to work quietly there. Your retail area, depending on where you work, may be very congested and bustling.

When you work in retail, you will have to deal with crowds, client problems, and complaints. For an introvert, this may be too much to take.


A hairdresser may work full-time as an artist and part-time as a therapist. They are often required to spend hours listening to and advising their clients.

Because you need to keep your customers satisfied, a hairdresser must be very sociable.

Staying on your feet all day while engaging in small conversation requires a lot of energy. If you’re an introvert, it’s not going to be easy.


If you’ve ever visited a busy restaurant on a weekend, you’re well aware of how hectic it can be.

A waiter must often juggle several tables, answer customers’ queries, and arbitrate between the kitchen and the customers.

You must also maintain a pleasant demeanor and interact with clients despite the turmoil. For introverts who like to work alone, this is one of the worst professions.


If you don’t believe you can manage the pandemonium of a restaurant, being a bartender is a no-no.

You will have to deal with many clients at once as a bartender. For most introverts, the hectic environment, inebriated clientele, and loud music may be too much to bear.

It is advisable to avoid a bartender’s work unless it is in a posh restaurant where you will have some solitude.

Manager of marketing

Marketing managers must be able to communicate effectively with a variety of individuals, including their staff, customers, and suppliers.

Attend meetings, make presentations, collaborate with your team, and create marketing campaigns. There isn’t a lot of time to work quietly.

As a marketing manager, you’ll often interact with film and production teams, as well as social media directors, and successfully convey your ideas to them.

The key to successful work here is communication. This is extremely creative job, however it may not be appropriate for introverts.

Public relations is a term that refers to the

The work of a public relations practitioner entails active contact with individuals all around the globe.

One of the most important elements of this profession is developing long-term connections with customers and the general public.

By establishing excellent discussions and fostering personal connections, you should be able to retain rapport and overcome communication gaps as a PR professional.

You should also be able to handle criticism without becoming disheartened. Extroverts are best suited for this position.

Human Resource Management

In a company, the human resources department has a number of duties.

They are in responsible of recruiting, onboarding, planning and executing training programs, as well as resolving employee conflicts.

As an HR professional, you must cultivate excellent relationships with the company’s workers. In the event of a disagreement or problem, you are their go-to person.

You must project a sympathetic and sincere demeanor. You must also be able to properly multitask.


A mediator’s work is assisting conflicting parties in negotiating and reaching an agreement.

A mediator’s job is to provide both parties guidance and support while also figuring out how to come up with solutions that are acceptable to everyone.

Communication, negotiation, problem-solving, and conflict resolution are all skills that a mediator must possess.

You’ll have to interact with a lot of people in close quarters and schedule a lot of meetings, which may be stressful. This is not the profession for you if you want a quiet and serene work atmosphere.

Speaker in public


If you are an introvert, a profession that requires you to speak on stage every day may not be the greatest fit for you.

Speaking to a different group of people every day, whether you’re a religious guru, a motivational speaker, a spokesman, or a news presenter, may be very difficult for introverts.

You may be able to give a good public speech as an introvert on occasion, but doing so on a regular basis may exhaust you.


As a cop, you must continuously deal with people, and not all of these encounters are pleasant.

To be able to assist others and settle disputes, you must have excellent communication skills. Your work may entail public speaking if you are engaged in a public event or gathering.

You must also work well with others, since you may be required to work with other officers and the police department.

You may not be able to handle becoming a police officer on the field if you’re an introvert.

What are the most suitable occupations for introverts?

Don’t let this list of professions that an introvert should avoid deter you.

Many professions do not need customer interaction or public speaking.

These jobs allow you to work at your own speed and in your own place while also allowing you to concentrate on particular tasks.

Here’s a list of several high-paying professions for introverts (with links to free resources to help you get started):

  1. Editing or proofreading
  2. Creating visuals
  3. Earn money by playing games and watching movies.
  4. a data analyst
  5. Writer on the side
  6. Photo or video editing software
  7. Blogging
  8. Bookkeeper on the internet
  9. Manager of social media
  10. Online photo sales
  11. Transcription
  12. input of data

Some of the finest professions for introverts are listed here. Here are some innovative jobs for introverts.


Conclusion on the Worst Jobs for Introverts

When it comes to job hunting, introverts may have a difficult time. Identifying your personality and selecting a profession based on it is the key to obtaining a decent job and having a healthy career path.

If you’re an introvert, stay away from –

  • Layouts for open offices
  • Collaboration is beneficial.
  • Client-facing roles
  • Jobs in sales
  • Speaking in front of an audience

If they are part of your work, you may feel exhausted and burned out.

We devote a substantial amount of time to the task we choose. As a result, it would be ideal if you were able to find employment that fit your personality type.

This will keep your job from draining you and allow you to maintain a good work-life balance.

If you’re an introvert, there are a variety of professions available to you, both online and offline, that you may enjoy without feeling stressed.

Introvert-unfriendly occupations


There are a lot of introverts in the workforce, but many employers don’t know how to deal with them. As a result, you often find that introverts get hired into the most undesirable jobs all over the world. Here are 20 occupations considered to be the worst for introverts:. Read more about worst jobs for introverts reddit and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What job is best for introverts?

It is best to find a job that you enjoy and can be social in.

What is the best job for a quiet person?

This is a difficult question to answer because there are many different types of jobs. However, for someone who is quiet and introverted, it would be best to find work that they can do in solitude.

What are some high paying jobs for introverts?

A high paying job for introverts is a data scientist.

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