I was very surprised to hear that $15 an hour is how much a year in the United States. I have been receiving $14 an hour for some time now (I can’t tell you how long it’s been) and I was really surprised to learn, quite literally, just how little I was making given how much I have to pay for everything. To put it in context, the monthly cost of groceries for me is about $300.

I want to live in a world where people can earn the same amount of money over and over again. A world where a person can work 40 hours a week for a low salary and still be considered a middle class salary. What I want to know is how do you do that in today’s economy? After much research, I have found that $15 an hour is the average hourly wage in Canada.

Most people are under the assumption that they’re entitled to the same standard of living as their parents. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The cost of living has gone up at such a rate that many people are struggling to survive on $15 an hour, while the average apartment in the United States is now over $1,000.. Read more about $15 an hour is how much a year 40 hours and let us know what you think.

How Much Does a Year Cost at $15 an Hour? A thorough analysis and calculation of a $15 per hour income Plus how to make it work for you!

We all know how tough it is to get by towards the end of the month. It may be difficult to come up with just enough money for rent, vehicle payments, food, and other needs.

There has been a lot of discussion in recent years about increasing the minimum wage so that people can live comfortably and not have to worry as much about paying their expenses.

The campaign for a $15-an-hour wage has recently gained traction. If you’re thinking about accepting a job that pays $15 an hour, you probably have a lot of questions.

“How much is 15 bucks per hour on a yearly basis?”

“Is $15 an hour a livable wage?” you may wonder.

“Is $15 an hour a decent wage?”

Don’t be concerned. I have all of the answers for you!


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First and foremost, let’s look at the numbers. (And, yeah, this makes the Math teacher in me squeal…hehe.)


How Much Does a Year Cost at $15 an Hour?

Calculating your yearly income with a $15 per hour wage is really very easy.

We know that there are 52 weeks in a year and that the average work week is 40 hours long. This implies that the average person will work 2080 hours each year!

This implies that the yearly income will be approximately $31 200 at $15 per hour.


The Annual Wage Calculation in Detail

52 weeks in a year is the total number of weeks in a year.

The total number of work hours in a week is 40.

As a result, the total number of work hours in a year is 52 40 = 2080.

$15 per hour is the hourly rate.

As a result, the total yearly pay is equal to 2080 x 15 = $31 200.


Isn’t it simple?


Of course, this estimate is based on a standard 40-hour work week, and your yearly income may vary depending on how much or how little you work! Overtime pay from working extra hours, or unpaid vacation leave, for example, are not taken into consideration in this situation!

Furthermore, this is not your take-home pay since you must still pay taxes and other job-related expenses.


If you take unpaid vacation, how much is 15 dollars an hour per year?

Let’s be honest. Even though you despise it, you may be forced to take unpaid vacation on occasion. It makes no difference if you’ve used all your vacation time or your boss is a jerk. 

You may be wondering how much 15 dollars an hour is on a yearly basis if you have to take unpaid vacation. 

First and foremost, regardless of how much unpaid vacation you take, your yearly pay for a normal 40-hour per week employment is always “your hourly rate 2080 hours (which is the total amount of work hours in a year).” So, with a $15 an hour wage job, the yearly income would ALWAYS be $31 200!

Let’s suppose you want to calculate how much you’ll make if you decide to take an unpaid vacation for your own personal reasons. You must then deduct an extra $600 from your total yearly income for each week of unpaid leave!


So, with a $15 an hour wage, the weekly revenue is:

Hourly Rate Hourly Rate Hourly Rate Hourly Rate Hourly Rate Hourly Rate Hourly Rate Hourly Rate Hourly Rate Hourly Rate Hourly Rate Hourly


  = $600

Unfortunately, every week you go without pay costs you $600.

• As a consequence, a week of unpaid vacation will earn you $31 200 – $600 = $30 600 per year.

• An yearly income of $31 200 – $1200 = $30 000 will result from two weeks of unpaid vacation.

• An yearly income of $31 200 – $1800 = $29 400 will result from three weeks of unpaid vacation.


Do you see a pattern here?


woman holding cash - $15 an hour salary


After taxes, how much does $15 an hour get you in a year?

We’ve previously determined that a $15 per hour wage job pays $31 200 per year. This, however, is not your take-home pay! The amount of money you take home is determined by the amount of taxes you must pay as well as the number of deductions you must make.

The amount of taxes and deductions you must make is determined by where you reside, your marital status, how many dependents you have, and other factors.

Using a customized tool like this SmartAsset Paycheck Calculator is the easiest method to figure out how much your particular take-home pay will be.

Consider the following scenario. Jack is a single man living in New York, New York. He is paid $15 per hour. His yearly take-home income is $23, 733, and he pays an average of 24% in taxes.


example of $15 an hour after tax income graphic


This may not be the case for a married man from the same region, or for someone with extra deductions such as medical insurance, dental coverage, or a 401(k), among other things.

Pro Tip!

Moving to a state with no income tax is a certain method to boost your take-home pay. This is a fantastic way to make the most of your $15 per hour income!


States that do not need income tax payment are shown below.

In many states, you are not required to pay income tax. These are some of them:

• Alaska

• Florida

• The state of South Dakota

• Texas

• Nevada

• Wyoming

• The United States of America

• The state of Tennessee


In addition, “earned” income is not taxed in New Hampshire. Only dividends, interest, and investment income are subject to taxation in this country.

Obviously, no matter how much you make, relocating to a state with a low or no income tax will result in a greater take-home pay! 


Average Annual Wages in the United States

According to Statista, the average yearly salary in the United States in 2020 will be $71 456. Clearly, a $15-an-hour job pays much less. But, with some real frugal living and side hustles, it’s still enough to live comfortably each month!


bar graph of annual mean wages According to Statista, the Annual Mean Wages of US Citizens


How Much Does a Week Cost at $15 an Hour?

Simply multiply the number of working hours per week by your $15 hourly pay to determine your weekly income for a $15 an hour salary job.

$15 per hour for 40 hours

each week = $600 (before taxes)


What does $15 an hour mean on a biweekly basis?

You’ll be paid every two weeks if you’re paid biweekly. If you earn $600 per week on a $15 per hour wage, you will earn twice as much in two weeks.

600 dollars 2

= $1200 on a biweekly basis (before taxes)


How much does $15 an hour cost on a monthly basis?

If your hourly rate is $15, your monthly earnings will be determined by the number of working days in a month. There are more working days in certain months than in others. Because you’re an hourly worker, there’s no such thing as a “set” monthly wage. You’ll earn somewhat more money some months than others.

We may use an average of 4 weeks each month to compute an average monthly income, which is the equal of 20 working days.

Using $600 per week as an example, the average monthly income is:

$600 for four people

= $2400 monthly (before taxes)


Keep in mind that certain months will have more than 20 working days, therefore your monthly income will be somewhat higher!


How much does $15 an hour cost on a daily basis?

We’ll take an average 8-hour day for our calculations to determine the daily revenue for a $15 an hour wage.

$15 per hour for 8 hours

each day = $120 (before taxes)


Keep in mind that none of the following estimates take overtime hours or pay into account. They also exclude situations involving unpaid leave.


Workplaces that pay $15 per hour are listed below.

Here’s a rundown of occupations that pay $15 per hour:

1. Mail Sorter

A postal handler is a person who is in charge of preparing, transporting, and delivering mail. The mail handler carries goods to and from the sorting facility or distribution center, sorts them, prepares shipments for truck or aircraft delivery, distributes parcels to postal carriers (as well as notifications such as bills), and keeps track of all of these operations.

$15.30 per hour is the national average salary. 


2. Concierge service

A concierge is someone who works at a hotel and is responsible for providing services to the visitors. The concierge desk’s primary responsibility as a hotel employee is to provide information to guests. The word “concierge” comes from the French and meaning “caretaker.”

$14.57 is the national average salary. 


$15 an hour salary job - concierge


3. Assistive technology

A virtual assistant serves as both a boss and a worker. A VA will work on their own time, but with the organization’s best interests in mind. They are in charge of ensuring that projects operate smoothly and effectively while keeping excellent client communication.

$15.30 per hour is the national average salary. 


4. Package Handler in a Warehouse

Warehouse package handlers sort and stack goods, such as food cans and clothes cardboard boxes, into shipping containers. Hand trucks are used to transport these containers to a warehouse or distribution center’s loading dock.

$15.30 per hour is the national average salary. 


Caregiver No. 5

A caregiver is a person who looks after and supports someone who need help with everyday tasks. Dressing, grooming, hygiene, eating, and moving about are all part of everyday life (using walking aids such as walkers or canes).

$13.17 per hour is the national average salary. 


$15 an hour salary job - caregiver


6. Medical Transcriptionists

A medical transcriber converts dictations from patients into reports that health-care professionals may utilize. They transcribe the physicians’ handwritten notes into a computer.

These are vital professions in today’s society, since they help save lives. Medical transcriptionists keep hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare institutions running on time and at a high rate.

$15.54 per hour is the national average salary.


7. Assistant to the Administrator

A receptionist or administrative assistant is a member of the support staff who helps an office manager or executive.

This individual assists in the organization and management of daily operations and does a variety of clerical duties, such as faxing, typing, printing, managing phone messages, organizing calendars and appointments, buying supplies, and arranging travel arrangements.

$15.69 per hour is the national average salary. 


8. Customer Service Representatives

Inbound and outbound phone calls, email enquiries, and other kinds of contact are handled by call center personnel (also known as customer service agents).

They utilize their interpersonal abilities to deal with a wide range of complicated client problems, such as product and service inquiries, invoicing mistakes, order tracking, technical support requests, online orders, and general inquiries.

$14.22 is the national average salary.




Cashier (nine)

A cashier is someone who works in a store or bank who is in charge of collecting money from clients, depositing it in the till or bank, dealing with any issues that occur, and giving customers their change.

Average Salary in the United States: $15.00


Bus Driver No. 10

A bus driver is responsible for transporting passengers in a motor vehicle across large distances. A bus driver’s duty is to transport passengers safely and on schedule from one location to another. Public relations is an essential aspect of a bus driver’s work.

$16.46 per hour is the national average salary.


To be honest, there are far too many $15-an-hour occupations to list and explain here! Restaurant dishwashers, tailors, farm operators, and farm workers are among the others. The majority of these professions do not have many qualifications, but they all need you to have a high school certificate or GED.


Getting By on a $15-an-hour Salary: Frequently Asked Questions

Is $15 an hour a decent wage?

This is dependent on your location. This is below the poverty threshold in certain cities, and does not cover basic needs like food and shelter. This is, nevertheless, a reasonable income in a reasonably cheap city.


Is it possible for me to survive on $15 an hour?

This is dependent on your financial situation and lifestyle choices. It may be tough to get by without making concessions such as buying at thrift shops rather than department stores or cooking on the stovetop rather than using electric equipment such as microwaves or ovens.


15 dollars an how is how much a year - man saving money


Is it possible to purchase a home for $15 an hour?

This is tough if you are attempting to pay off a mortgage while still having other expenses to pay, such as vehicle payments. When all of your money goes toward paying for house ownership expenses, you may find yourself in poverty, but it is doable with a lot of sacrifice.

Just keep in mind that you don’t want to wind yourself “house poor” after purchasing a home.


Is it possible for me to purchase a car for $15 an hour?

When you earn less than the national average, it may be difficult to buy a vehicle. On your commute, you’d have to forego some conveniences like air conditioning and music. It is, however, feasible with diligent budgeting and months of planning ahead of time before purchasing one.


Tips for Making a Good Living on a $15-an-Hour Salary

With a little sacrifice and thrifty living, you can live well on a $15 per hour income!

You’ll be amazed how far your income can stretch if you do the following:

•Coupon clipping

• Thrifting or secondhand shopping

• Setting a budget and adhering to it

• Rather than ordering takeaway, cook at home (browse your cupboard and prepare with what you already have!)

• Take advantage of free possibilities such as obtaining free Wi-Fi from locations that provide it and borrowing books from a library that you may not be able to buy otherwise.

• Taking advantage of Rakuten’s cash-back incentives. Make your regular purchases on Rakuten and get free money in your wallet! That money may then be used for anything else in your budget!

Essentially, the goal is to live within your means as much as possible. There are many more methods to generate money and improve your earnings, some of which are listed here!


free budget printables



Example of a Monthly Budget Plan for People Making $15 an Hour

Your specific budget plan will be determined by where you live and what lifestyle choices you are prepared to make in order to save money while maintaining a comfortable standard of living.

It also depends on how much debt or expenses you have to pay each month, as well as how much rent or mortgage you pay. 

Obviously, some cities are prohibitively costly while others are reasonably priced. Because a $15 an hour income does not allow for a lot of indulgences, this example budget plan takes that into account!


Rent: $700; Electricity: $200; Internet: $50; Cell Phone: $50; Cable: $50 Transportation – $150 Savings – $200 TOTAL – $2400 Groceries – $500 Debt Repayment (Credit Card/Loans) – $500 Groceries – $500 Debt Repayment (Credit Card/Loans) – $500 TOTAL – $2400


$15 an hour salary sample budget pie chart graphic


When a $15-an-hour salary isn’t enough, here are some suggestions for increasing your earnings.

It may seem tough to make ends meet on $15 an hour, but it does not rule out the possibility of earning more. Instead than relying only on your hourly income for full-time work, consider side hustles like tutoring or freelancing.

What are some ideas for making additional money in a week? Consider what talents you have that may be used to earn money. To get you started, here are some money-making ideas:

• Using Craigslist or eBay to sell outdated clothing

• Online tutoring for students

• Freelance writing opportunities are available on sites such as Upwork, eLance, and Fiverr.

• Request a raise from your employer.

• Babysitting children after school

• To earn additional money online, use sites like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks to do easy tasks.



23 Legitimate Ways to Make a Lot of Money Selling Feet Photos

On Amazon MTurk, here’s how to make $50 to $100 a day.

21 Simple Ways to Earn Money by Watching Commercials (Online)


Final Thoughts on How Much a Year is $15 an Hour

Now that you know all there is to know about $15-an-hour jobs and how much they pay each year, you can decide whether or not you want to accept this wage. You also understand how to make it work for you, how to save and budget, and how to boost your income if necessary!

Do you have any other suggestions or ideas for making a $15-an-hour wage work? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. We’d be delighted to hear from you!

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How Much a Year Does $15 an Hour Pay? (+How to Live Well on $15 an Hour)

In this post, we will discuss how to live well on the average $15 an hour wage. What kind of life can be had on that salary?  Most importantly, we will discuss how to pay off your debts, and what kind of lifestyle you can expect to have.. Read more about $20 an hour is how much a year and let us know what you think.

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Can you live comfortably on 15 dollars an hour?

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Is $15 an hour a livable wage?

The federal minimum wage in the United States is $7.25 per hour, which equates to $15,080 per year.

How much is $15 an hour 40 hours a week?

$15 an hour is 40 hours a week.

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