It’s no secret that customer service is a challenging job. But when you’re doing it for a living, it can also be a pretty low key one. It’s not the most exciting title or the most exciting career. There’s nothing glamorous about the work, and there’s nothing that will make you feel more like a cog in the machine than doing customer service.

You’re probably sick of looking at job ads that pay $10/hr and guarantee you two weeks vacation. While some of these positions are indeed great, there are a few jobs that pay well, offer generous benefits, and don’t require you to be on call 24/7. Stash-the-Cash Finance’s 13 Jobs That Don’t Suck, Pay Well, And Aren’t Customer Service! lists 13 jobs that you may not have thought about, but are actually very fulfilling and well-paying, thanks to incredible benefits and an amazing staff.

There are plenty of careers that offer great pay and benefits for little work, but don’t be fooled by the phrases “customer service” and “salary” in the title. There are plenty of jobs that are easy to do, don’t require a huge amount of training, and offer a great deal of financial rewards. There are also some jobs that will pay you well without your having to do anything at all.. Read more about jobs that are not customer service no degree and let us know what you think.

13 Jobs That Aren’t Customer Service, Pay Well, And Aren’t Sucky!

You don’t want to work in customer service and are searching for occupations that aren’t as bad as customer service?

Life is too short to be stuck in a drab job. We spend the majority of our lives working, so why not do something we enjoy?

Working may be wonderful if you discover the perfect type of job for you, whether you’re seeking to earn some extra money with a side hustle or searching for a career move. 

This is where I come in: I’ve created a list of non-sucking professions, ranging from part-time employment that don’t need social contact to online jobs that aren’t customer service. There’s something for everyone!


Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means that if you click on them, I may get a commission at no additional cost to you. I hope you find the information provided here to be helpful! Thanks.

13 Great Jobs That Aren’t Sucky And Pay Well:

So you want to work while having a good time? Not only have I searched the internet for interesting, well-paying employment, but I’ve also ensured that there’s something for everyone. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re technologically inclined, have a creative flare, are a sports fan, or are a teacher; there are certain professions that don’t stink and will keep the money coming in.

Note: I did the most of the work myself! 

  1. Freelance Digital Marketing
  2. Jobs in Programming and Coding
  3. Coaching and consulting through the internet
  4. Writer on the side
  5. Assistant Virtual
  6. Tutoring through the internet
  7. Strategist for Social Media
  8. Instructor of Virtual Fitness
  9. How to Work as a Freelance Makeup Artist
  10. Teach English to Japanese people through the internet.
  11. Manager of Pinterest
  12. Editor or proofreader
  13. Seller on Etsy

Articles about online jobs that you may be interested in: 

1.Freelance Digital Marketer

jobs that don't suck Freelancing as a Digital Marketer – jobs that aren’t as bad as they seem

What is it, exactly?

What does a freelancer in digital marketing do? A digital marketing freelancer oversees and aids with the growth of a company’s online presence. 

Digital marketing is a kind of marketing that makes use of the internet and other online channels to communicate with customers. Computers, tablets, mobile devices, and other digital media platforms may be used to do this.

So, what exactly do you do? 

The job of a digital marketer is varied, and it all depends on your specialty. What do you want to be an expert in? SEO? What is Pay Per Click (PPC)? It’s all up to you!

This is the position for you if you have a knack for appealing to the people and creating material that highlights the company’s brand.

Digital marketers may specialize in the following tasks:

  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • Marketing with Content
  • Marketing Techniques
  • Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing in which you
  • Optimization of Conversion Rates

What would you do as a freelance digital marketer:

  • Searching for keywords
  • Management of a project
  • Creating Content
  • Advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tik Tok, and others.
  • Analyze the data

Who Is Recruiting? 

You may learn how to become a digital marketer by taking this course. 

2.Jobs in Programming and Coding

part time jobs that don't suck Programmer – a non-sucking part-time job

If I could go back three years and tell myself that the greatest way to make money online is to study programming while I was trapped in my office job wishing I could be someplace else, I would tell myself that learning programming is the best way to make money online. 

This is a HIGHLY in-demand talent that will only grow in demand. 

It’s also one of the greatest full-time or part-time professions that doesn’t require any social contact! 

What is it, exactly?

If you like technology and are computer proficient, working online may be a lot of fun.

There’s no denying that the world we live in is becoming more digital, and just as humanity need architects and builders to begin civilization, the internet world requires them as well. 

As a developer or programmer, you create code and guarantee the website works properly.

Coding, on the other hand, entails the translation of codes from one language to another. You’re essentially typing formulae into a computer, while programming is the act of creating programs that may be utilized to generate appropriate outputs.

Few people had heard of the phrase UX designer only a few years ago, but today, on average, a UX designer in Switzerland may earn $100,890.

So, what exactly do you do?

The responsibilities of a coder or programmer include, but are not limited to:

  • Website Design and Development
  • Scraping of data
  • App creation for mobile devices
  • Developing website chatbots
  • Games that are easy to play
  • Programming a microcontroller
  • The user interface (UI)

Who Is Recruiting?

Here are some programming courses that can assist you in quitting your 9-5 job! 

3.Coaching and consulting over the internet

entry level jobs that don't suck Virtual Coach — a non-sucking entry-level job

What exactly is it?

Aren’t we talking about jobs that don’t stink? When you’re doing something you like, how can it be bad? Why not become an online coach if you love dealing with people and assisting them in achieving their goals?  

Everyone is striving to improve their skills, so why not teach others and earn money at the same time? You may be a life coach, a business coach, a fitness coach, a financial coach, or any other kind of coach! Your oyster is the whole globe.

Let’s suppose you have extensive expertise in finance, IT, marketing, content production, and other related fields. You may help others by sharing your knowledge and guiding them in that direction.

You may set your own hours, concentrate on what you like, and earn money while doing so.

I eventually became an online coach that assists individuals in making the shift from a 9-5 job to remote employment. It’s very rewarding, plus you get to assist others in achieving their goals #cheesywotsitalert

So, what exactly do you do?

Your area of expertise will be determined by the extent of your work. A finance coach, for example, might concentrate on assisting with financial goals, savings, cost-cutting, investments, and other elements of financial wellness. 

Your role is to lead someone and provide them with the tools they need to accomplish their objectives.

Who Is Recruiting?

This is the path I took to become a coach, speaking from personal experience. 

  • Determine who you wish to assist and in what capacity.
  • Get some instruction. 
  • Begin coaching for free and get feedback.
  • Start a conversation on social media and on your website about it.
  • Make a reservation.

That was really all there was to it! 

If you have courses, here are several platforms on which you may conduct your coaching services.

If you prefer, here is a step-by-step FREE instruction to creating a coaching website.


entry level jobs that don't suck Freelance Writer — a non-sucking entry-level job

What is it, exactly?

Looking for a non-sucky entry-level job? Why not try your hand at freelance writing or editing?

You just need a laptop and a reliable internet connection to get started. Writing does not need any prior expertise, and free programs such as Grammarly may help you quickly correct any grammar or writing mistakes. 

Content is always there, no matter where you go or what you do. Why can’t you be the one who writes that content?

 With consumers consuming material quicker than it can be produced, there is a need for writers these days. If you can also write in another language, you’ll get bonus points.

So, what exactly do you do? 

Do you have a specialty? If you answered yes, you may create specialized material for blogs, journals, websites, businesses, and even publishing houses.

You may also act as a ghostwriter if you don’t want your name on a piece of literary work. This isn’t the sordid underbelly of the literary business, nor is it a ghost-themed writing specialty. 

The term “ghostwriting” merely refers to the fact that the article you write will not bear your name, and the fees for ghostwriting are very substantial.

On Upwork, I’ve seen tasks costing $3000 for one-off projects like writing a short book. You may create everything from blog posts to recipes to children’s novels to CVs, cover letters, and college essays.

Who Is Recruiting?

A step-by-step approach to becoming a freelance writer may be found here. Also, despite my lack of experience, I attended this course, which helped me get three new writing gigs in three weeks! 

Virtual Assistant No. 5

entry level jobs that don't suck Virtual Assistant — Non-sucking entry-level employment

What is it, exactly?

A virtual assistant is another one of those non-sucking internet professions (VA). A virtual assistant, also known as an online administrative assistant, is someone who performs all of the duties of an in-person assistant but at a distance.

And I don’t mean doing errands (I mean, you’ll probably need to have stuff delivered, but you’ll do it online). Many assistant duties, contrary to common perception, do not need your presence in the office.

You may work from the convenience of your own home and provide virtual assistance to your customer. As a result, the term “virtual assistant” was coined.

So, what exactly do you do? 

 A Virtual Assistant’s work description varies, however here are some examples of what you may be expected to accomplish as a VA:

Work in the Office:

  • Meetings and appointments are scheduled.
  • Answering the phone
  • Answering emails
  • Data input at its most basic
  • Getting your to-do list in order
  • Creating a schedule
  • Reservations for travel
  • Personal responsibilities
  • assisting you in making purchases
  • Content Creation

Who Is Recruiting?

A free step-by-step tutorial to become a virtual assistant may be found here. I used to work as a virtual assistant, and after taking this course, I was able to get my first customer in only 30 days! 

Online Tutor No. 6

part time jobs that don't suck Part-time jobs that don’t stink: online tutoring

What is it, exactly?

Online teaching is no longer only for hippies and travelers. Many individuals make a good living by teaching online. I used to teach English online and earned $6000 per month at my peak!

Talk about a part-time job that isn’t a pain in the neck! You don’t have to teach English to teach online; you may teach any language or subject.

You have the flexibility to teach anything you want, whenever you want when you teach online. You have complete control over your pricing and working hours. 

So, what exactly do you do? 

If someone were to ask me about enjoyable internet employment, I would recommend online tutoring. Your objective as a teacher is to pass on information. The fun part is figuring out how to accomplish it! 

You are free to teach anything you choose. The possibilities are limitless, whether it’s via music and dance, games, art, literature, or films. Teaching youngsters English via song and dance has been a blast for me.

Some websites may even pay you to talk on their platforms. This isn’t one of those professions where you don’t have to work hard. Simply log in, practice speaking for an hour or less, and presto: immediate cash. That is all there is to it.

Who Is Recruiting?

If you wish to become an online instructor, read this article. 

7. Manager of Social Media

entry level jobs that don't suck Entry-level occupations that don’t stink: social media manager

What is it, exactly?

Let’s face it, social media isn’t going away anytime soon. It’s becoming an increasingly important element of marketing, advertising, and some people’s daily lives. 

A social media manager is the person in charge of representing a business or brand on social media as the brand’s exclusive voice. 

This position did not exist a decade ago, but businesses are embracing social media more than ever before to engage with their customers, generate meaningful conversations, promote brand loyalty, and introduce new goods. 

If you like being on social media and are excellent at it, I’d say this is one of the most enjoyable internet professions.

So, what exactly do you do? 

Social media managers have a lot of responsibilities. They are in charge of a company’s social media platforms. They plan and execute internet marketing initiatives, as well as collect data and analytics to better understand their target audiences. 

Here are some of the responsibilities of social media managers:

  • Comments are monitored, moderated, and responded to.
  • Make content and marketing for social media sites.
  • Shareable films and pictures should be posted.
  • Manage social media collaborations with other businesses.
  •  Provide brands and businesses with the resources they need to improve their online presence.
  • Increase the number of visitors to your website
  • Enhance brand recognition
  • Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can help you grow your company.

Many businesses need someone to manage their many social media accounts, and with the rise of Pinterest, Tik Tok, Snapchat, and a slew of other social media platforms, businesses require personnel to manage and guarantee that they remain relevant and visible on all of them. 

So you can bet your bottom dollar that they’ll spend a lot of money to have someone else maintain and administer their social media accounts for them.

Who Is Recruiting?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to becoming a social media manager, as well as a course I attended to get there. 

8. Virtual Personal Trainer

part time jobs that don't suck Instructor of Virtual Fitness

What is it, exactly?

It’s right, you read that correctly. On this list, I promised I’d have something for everyone. There are many rewarding online jobs available, and if you like working out and keeping in shape, this is the career for you.

Fitness is a rapidly expanding industry that you may tap into through the internet. You may earn money by leading group fitness courses or one-on-one fitness sessions. Zumba, yoga, pilates, weights, and high-intensity exercises are just a few examples. 

Consider it as an at-home fitness DVD, but in real time, and if you have any knowledge of good food or a foolproof exercise routine, you can even sell bundles.

Not everyone has the time to travel, and other individuals feel uncomfortable doing out at a gym and would prefer work out at home.

Every Monday, for example, I attend yoga sessions taught by a New Zealand yoga teacher. Isn’t it crazy?!

You can perform this work from home, believe it or not, and many gyms and ordinary people are searching for virtual fitness instructors. On Upwork, I came across a job posting for a virtual basketball coach. I don’t know how it works, but it’s a job, right?

So, what exactly do you do? 

As a virtual fitness teacher, you would essentially perform everything a normal fitness instructor would do, but via the internet. 

Isn’t it simple? 

This may include dietary planning, exercise routines, exercising together, weight training, and anything else your customer need from you to be in shape.

Who Is Recruiting?

9. Work as a Makeup Artist Freelance

jobs that don't suck Freelance Makeup Artist – occupations that aren’t as bad as they seem

What is it, exactly?

Individuals or businesses may hire freelance makeup artists to apply makeup on demand. 

You may work for hire at a studio or location and visit customers at their homes. It’s one of the greatest non-sucking professions for creative individuals who like improving other people’s attractiveness!

You may work as a makeup artist and provide a variety of services, such as daily makeup, special occasion makeup, and complete makeovers.

You may also be in charge of applying cosmetics to the face, eyes, lips, cheeks, brows, and other areas. 

A skilled makeup artist can help you appear your best by ensuring you’re wearing the right colors for your skin tone and hair color.

So, what exactly do you do?

You will provide expert makeup services or even advise on how to maintain someone’s appearance while considering their skin type and the season. 

You may also need to ensure that your client is ready for the day by ensuring that their hair and clothing are in order.

As a freelance makeup artist, you’ll be responsible for the following tasks:

  • assisting with makeup and hair on set
  • Makeup application for photoshoots and runway shows
  • Providing expert makeovers to customers as a means of providing customer service.
  • Creating appearances that are appropriate for a variety of skin tones, ages, and occasions
  • Make an outfit for the day, the week, or the month.

Who Is Recruiting?

Here you’ll discover a step-by-step guide to becoming a professional makeup artist, as well as advice on how to succeed and the best courses to get started!

10. Teach English to Japanese people through the internet

part time jobs that don't suck Part-time employment that don’t stink: teaching English to Japanese.

What is it, exactly?

It is difficult for Japanese individuals to acquire English as a second language. Some individuals have begun teaching English over the internet to make things simpler.

You must have a strong command of both spoken and written English, as well as good teaching abilities, to work as an online English instructor for Japanese people. 

Also, having a TEFL certificate is required since it is the ONLY way that online schools in Japan or overseas would hire you. 

Furthermore, working as a freelancer inspires greater confidence in your ability to educate. 

You’ll also need a stable internet connection, decent headphones, and real-time collaboration platforms like Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, or FaceTime. 

Plus, this is one of the most convenient part-time jobs that doesn’t stink since you can teach English from the comfort of your own home, with a flexible work schedule and no need to travel to the office!

So, what exactly do you do?

It is the responsibility of an English teacher to ensure that their pupils acquire proper grammar, writing, and comprehension abilities.

You’ll also need to develop customized courses aimed at improving your student’s language abilities, taking into account their language competence level and the common language issues they encounter.  

Some of the things you’ll have to do when teaching English to Japanese online are:

  • Make lesson plans that are participatory and interesting.
  • Asking questions, giving feedback, and utilizing multiple learning techniques are all good ways to help students improve their oral communication abilities.
  • Provide pupils with a range of activities to help them learn grammatical principles.
  • Keep track of each student’s progress and develop customized educational plans based on their needs.

Who Is Recruiting?

The Ultimate Guide To Teaching English To Japanese Online may be found here. 

It contains a wealth of insider information gleaned from my personal English teaching experience, as well as information on the course I did to become an IELTS expert (in order to make more money as a teacher!) and the top sites for finding online English teaching employment. 

Manager of Pinterest (#11)

entry level jobs that don't suck Pinterest Manager – a non-sucking entry-level job

What is it, exactly?

A Pinterest Manager isn’t simply someone who uploads photos of their culinary experiences, as many people believe.

As a Pinterest Manager, you will assist company owners in creating compelling content for their Pinterest accounts, as well as assist businesses in achieving their social media marketing objectives.

You should also keep an eye on what’s going on in the company’s industry niche, as well as marketing Pinterest trends and the finest tools for creating material that would appeal to the brand’s target audience.

Note – If you’re searching for non-sucky entry-level employment in 2021, this is one of the greatest freelancing entry levels to start making money that’s both enjoyable and fascinating!

So, what exactly do you do?

A Pinterest Manager’s responsibilities may include organizing pin boards. 

A Pinterest manager, on the other hand, is in charge of monitoring, promoting, and optimizing various pins for their customer or business.

As a Pinterest Manager, you’ll be responsible for the following tasks:

  • For particular campaigns, scheduling material and pictures that connect with the intended consumer.
  • Analyzing data to get insights into how people are interacting with the material and to see what other people are pinning.
  • Creating aesthetically attractive text for pins that will appeal to consumers or prospective customers.
  • Make sure each pin is optimized to its full capacity.

Who Is Recruiting?

Check out my helpful post, How To Become A Pinterest Manager : The Guide I Wish I Had, for the exact 7 steps I followed to work as a Pinterest Manager.

Also, this is the course that taught me how to become a Pinterest Manager and how to quickly get customers so I could start making money!

12. Editor or proofreader 

jobs that don't suck Jobs that don’t suck: proofreader or editor

What is it, exactly?

This is one of the greatest professions for individuals who are detail-oriented and don’t mind working long hours! 

A proofreader examines a document’s grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

They’re also in charge of ensuring that all material is structured correctly in accordance with your style standards.

An editor, on the other hand, may perform the same functions as a proofreader, but will assess the content and provide constructive feedback in order to make it more legible, cohesive, and engaging.

So, what exactly do you do?

Editors are the people who make a piece of writing shine. They ensure that the material is clear, logical, and accessible to a broad audience.

This also includes a Proofreader’s work, which entails verifying spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style consistency across the document.

The following are some of the most frequent proofreading and editing tasks:

  • Error detection and correction in written material
  • Fact-checking
  • Identifying and correcting misspellings
  • Ascertain that the material adheres to the style guide.
  • highlighting content omissions that jeopardize content coherency
  • Enhance the readability of a piece of writing
  • Improve your language skills.
  • Make the most of your writing by making it as impactful as possible. 

Who Is Recruiting?

– Job Alert! Check also my articles How to Become an Editor for Beginners and 27 Best Proofreading Jobs Online No Experience Required for additional sites that employ proofreaders and editors without experience.

There are many sites to apply to, as well as a detailed tutorial on how I become a proofreader and editor, as well as how you may do likewise with clear action steps.

And, if you have the financial means, these are the finest proofreading courses available today that can increase your earnings, woohoo!

13. Etsy entrepreneur

jobs that don't suck Jobs that don’t suck: Etsy Seller

What is it, exactly?

Etsy is a handmade products marketplace. Etsy vendors may open an online shop and sell handmade or antique goods, as well as art, photography, design, and craft materials.

You don’t need a company license or any other kind of authorization to sell on Etsy. You may create your own store on the site and sell your goods to anybody with an internet connection anywhere in the globe!

Note: If you don’t want to open your own Etsy shop, you may search for Etsy store/shop manager jobs or Etsy VA jobs to administer an Etsy account.

So, what exactly do you do?

Just because you sell your items on Etsy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t focus on marketing and sales. 

This is one of the greatest non-sucking occupations, but you must still put in the work! You must design an engaging Etsy listing, adhere to best practices for shop management, and make use of the finest tools available.

To run an Etsy shop, you’ll need to accomplish the following:

  • Conducting market research to determine the best-selling products on Etsy and identifying a non-oversaturated sub-niche
  • New item pictures are being uploaded.
  • Information about the items is written
  • Price adjustment
  • Customers’ needs are met.
  • Inventory control
  • Using social media to promote your business
  • Optimizing your Etsy account for SEO 

Who Is Recruiting?

Note: I have a TON of resources to help you get started selling on Etsy; here are a few of the most helpful articles you can discover to learn about all the many ways you can make money on Etsy and how to do it!

In addition, I’ve created a helpful post on The Best Etsy Printable Courses On The Market, where you can discover the same techniques that professionals have used to increase their revenue and run a successful Etsy online company!

Frequently Asked Questions about Jobs That Don’t Suck

What Are Some Jobs That Aren’t Boring?

Jobs that demand creativity, problem-solving abilities, and are not repetitious are the ones that are not dull. 

Here are some instances of professions that aren’t boring:

  1. Pinterest Manager
  2. Writer on the side
  3. Modeling for a living
  4. Actor (Voice) 
  5. Etsy seller

Whether you’re a freelancer or an employer, the work atmosphere, clientele, and colleagues may all influence whether or not you find a job enjoyable.

Remember that your work isn’t dull if it gives you satisfaction in some manner. It may be a profession that you love or one that requires you to learn and develop!

What’s the Easiest Job You’ve Ever Had?

The following are some of the simplest and best-paying jobs:

  1. Walker of Dogs
  2. Product Reviewer
  3. Food and grocery delivery
  4. Be a virtual companion.
  5. Get paid to flirt and talk through SMS.

These are referred to as simple occupations because they are simple methods to begin earning money without requiring a degree or a complicated set of abilities. 

Read my post Tasks for Lazy People (That Pay REALLY Well!) if you’re looking for simple and lazy jobs that nearly anybody can perform.

What Job Is Best For A Slacker?

The following are the three greatest occupations for a lazy person that also pay well:

  1. House sitter (luxury)
  2. Writer of fortune cookies
  3. Taker of Surveys

More information on them may be found in my post Jobs for Lazy People (That Pay REALLY Well! ), which also includes links to businesses that are hiring right now. 

What Jobs Don’t Require Interaction With Others?

These are the greatest professions that need no (or little) human contact if you are an introvert or just don’t want to work in customer service: 

  1. Editing and proofreading 
  2. Blogging 
  3. Writer on the side 
  4. Assistant Virtual
  5. Scopist 

Read my article 27 Side Hustles for Introverts for additional information on what you need to do, the best courses to take, and dozens of more occupations for introverts (That Will Make You A Ton Of Cash)


So there you have it, 13 occupations that aren’t terrible. 

Why spend your time doing something you don’t like or tolerate when life is so short? Have some fun, go over the list, and choose a career -any job – that you’ll like working as much as I do.

Job’s That Don’t Suck: Related Posts

Alert! A Course That Is Easy on the Pocketbook! – Are you curious in how I became a freelancer, how I found customers, and how I began making SOLID money online?

If that’s the case, I’ve put up a guide for my readers called Finding Freelance Jobs For Beginners.

You’ll receive answers to the following questions in my masterclass:

  • How can I locate a freelance job that is a good fit for my skills?
  • What is my hourly rate?
  • How can I distinguish myself from the crowd on the internet?
  • What are some of the most frequent freelancing blunders to avoid?

And a slew of other useful tidbits from my time as a freelance and professional blogger! It’s just $27 right now. 

That price will not last indefinitely!

13 Jobs That Aren’t Customer Service, Pay Well, And Aren’t Sucky!

You’ve always thought you could be a great salesperson, or maybe even a great manager, but something always held you back. Well now you can follow your dreams with one of these 13 jobs that pay well and have a ton of flexibility.. Read more about non customer service jobs no experience and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some jobs that dont pay well?

You can find a list of low paying jobs on this page. Q: How do I get a job as a lifeguard? It is important to have a swim merit card, and once you are there, you will go through a series of tests to make sure you can swim

What are the least stressful jobs that pay well?

If you are looking for a job that is not stressful, you should become a massage therapist. In this field, you are able to make a decent living with just a high school diploma. You have flexible hours, and you get to make people feel better. Q: Why is there no gravity

How do I get a job without customer service?

You can become a software engineer, a web developer, or a chef. I would not recommend customer service, as it is a very stressful job. Q: What is the best place to go to college for a computer science degree? The best place to go to college for a

This article broadly covered the following related topics:

  • jobs that are not customer service no degree
  • non customer service jobs no experience
  • non customer service jobs uk
  • jobs that don’t involve customer service uk
  • minimum wage jobs that don’t require customer service
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